The State of Low-Code 2021: A Look Back, The Light Ahead

Why Utilize Low-Code to Migrate Your Lotus Notes Applications?

The State of Low-Code 2021 report from Mendix is the industry’s most comprehensive study of low-code adoption among IT leaders and developers, based on a survey of 2,025 IT professionals across six countries. The findings reveal that 77% of enterprises in six countries have already adopted low-code, and 75% of IT leaders said it’s a trend they can’t afford to miss.

It’s no wonder why enterprises the world over are adopting low-code at such rates. The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the digital business world, requiring organizations to move their activity online while responding to fast-changing needs. Although those pressures appear to suggest that IT professionals are worried about digital disruption, the Mendix report shows that 58% of IT are actually excited by the acceleration. For 45%, acceleration in IT has brought an urgency for faster and more collaborative development.

Organizations across industries are realizing that business-as-usual software development cannot meet the growing demand. The research findings illustrate the trend:

  • 76% of IT professionals surveyed said the demand for developers has reached a fever pitch
  • The cost of software development is rising, according to 61% of organizations
  • Two-thirds of software projects are being delivered behind schedule
  • Despite working tirelessly, 62% of organizations are finding their backlog increasing

What you get from this white paper

Read now and see why the world’s enterprises are turning to this new way of software development.

  • Understand how the pandemic accelerated the shift to low-code
  • Learn how low-code can open new doors to talent and drive more diversity in IT
  • See which country is leading the low-code revolution — and who might overtake it

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