The Value of 2D Nesting eBook

Check out the latest eBook on the value of 2D nesting! In this eBook, you will explore how automating your 2D nesting can improve your efficiency, productivity and bottom line all while reducing cost, improving quality and reducing errors thanks to Solid Edge 2D Nesting. We’ll also walk through some real-life ROI calculations, so you can quantify the value of 2D nesting for yourself. Download it today!

the value of 2D nesting

Solid Edge 2D Nesting

The process of 2D nesting is the organization of 2D shapes on a single cutting plane with the goal of producing as much product with as little waste as possible. Solid Edge 2D Nesting utilizes the most advanced and efficient nesting engine to generate best-in-class layouts optimized for two-dimensional cutting of sheet metal, wood and more. The optimized nesting patterns reduce preparation time, waste and costs when creating 2D shapes common in products.

With Solid Edge 2D Nesting,

  • Have complete control of all settings needed to meet the demands of any cutting technology or material
  • Be tightly integrated with Solid Edge Mechanical Design
  • Work with multiple file formats such as Solid Edge sheet metal and part files (PSM and PAR), as well as neutral data formats including DXF and DWG
  • Reduce wasted material by creating the most efficient nest, eliminating tailings and partial sheets
  • Be optimized for CNC Programming
  • Save time and avoid translation
2D Nests Composite

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