Top seven tips to increase engineering productivity by front loading CFD


The global competitive landscape for manufacturing is squeezingeveryone – from the Tier 1 automotive companies to electronics goodsmanufacturers. It is shortening the required time to market and with littlewarning. This high-pressure environment requires high productivity fromits players resulting in either doing things faster and leaner withoutcompromising quality or giving the game away to a hungrier competitorwho is willing to do whatever it takes.

What you get from this white paper

  • Encourage performance assessment as early as possible and promote collaboration and knowledge sharing
  • Impact efficiency and company profit margins by reducing the number of prototypes and optimizing cost
  • Successful implementation
  • Select the solution that fits into your existing processes without any disruption.
  • Using the right tool, design engineers are more than capable of assessing a problem, checking design variants, and testing trends.

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