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Top Skills That Drives Great Leaders

Every organization requires strong leadership.  Top leaders create vision, build business strategies, and play a key role in propelling an organization forward. But what makes a good leader? Are there certain unique characteristics that the best trailblazers share?   What about the age old debate “Great leaders are born, not made?”

Although the capacity for great leadership is innate, leadership is about many things – vision, performance, motivation and insight as much as it is about functional or technical capabilities. A good leader should use different styles of leadership including task-oriented and people-oriented styles of leadership based on situation – Situation Analysis.

Here’s what top leaders must adopt to become successful:

See Big Picture – Strategic perspective & promote business values

Great leaders must have foresight and vision of the future. They need to not only be tactical when necessary, but also maintain the right strategic outlook to steer their team to the best future possible. An effective and successful leader promotes same business values and understands what it takes to develop an effective team.

Lead by Example to drive results

Setting an example is vital. A successful leader develops the right strategy to overcome obstacles and leads by example to demonstrate that effective results are achievable. A great leader takes overall responsibility when things go wrong and guides team members whenever necessary. With a higher level of perseverance, a better drive to take a take a task to completion, great leaders can be counted on to get things done.

Communicate Prolifically

Inappropriate communication is often the mistake most leaders make. All too often, leaders either don’t communicate, over-communicate, or communicate inappropriately.  A good leader will effectively communicate to understand how the team feels and understand where they need guidance- whether it is a one-on-one conversation, team meetings, blog posts, email messages, phone or Skype calls, or any other such medium, great leaders believe in effective communication.

Continuously Improve & Innovate

While the ability to innovate is a much required skill for every great leader, leaders must constantly seek to improve individual and team performance by

  • Constantly giving feedback to team members
  • Developing an excellent team spirit
  • Promoting excellence

Today’s business environment is fast changing. Good leaders inspire others through action, suitably empower their teams by building trust, encourage creative solutions, and make the right decisions that keep the best interests of their employees and organization. They foresee the changes coming on the horizon, and push their teams to be in the right place when those changes happen.

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