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The Topology Optimization Tool in NX

This Snackbyte video covers the Isolate and Toggle Display commands within the Solid Edge assembly environment.

In Kyle’s example, he has a bracket part to demonstrate the Topology Optimization tool. The results are already showing on screen when the video begins.

To recap, we’ll walk through how to set up the tool and view the results.

How to Use the Topology Optimization Tool

Note: This tool will typically be used more for 3D-printed parts than traditional manufacturing methods.

  • Specify a design space. Select a volume for where your part is going to be. You can also apply a material to this body.
    • Select the body, add it to a list and then define it as the design space.
  • Manage optimization features. If you have some specific areas of the part that need to be recognized—such as counter-bored holes, for example—you can use the Manage Optimization Features option. From here, you can click the “Add All Auto Recognized Features,” which will recognize anything that’s been modified within NX, such as the hole command, and will add it to the list.
  • Apply any constraints to the body.
  • Manage load cases. You can apply (multiple) different loads inside of NX.
  • With everything set up, you can use the Setup Optimization tool. Inside this tool, you will:
    • Specify a mass target.
    • Specify your design space.
    • Estimate the optimization parameters. This determines the speed and amount of material used in the optimization process.

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