Transfer Industrial Data to AWS IoT SiteWise Using KEPServerEX

When managing Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) data, it can be challenging to collect and send this data to the cloud for processing and advanced analytics (for example, to predict quality or equipment failure). There might be many different devices on a manufacturing floor, each with its own protocol.

Industrial customers have been looking for a secure, cost-effective, and reliable field-to-cloud solution that can ingest all their data from hundreds of industrial sites that have tens of thousands of PLCs and sensors to visualizes key measurements and metrics for the devices, processes, and equipment in near-real-time that enables condition monitoring and send notifications and alerts in near-real-time to take actions when needed. This also enables Business Intelligence (BI) on historical data for reporting.

Our solution can help customers to Collect, Monitor, and Analyze Industrial Data From the Plant Floor to AWS IoT SiteWise Using KEPServerEX with enabled EDGE capabilities using Greengrass.

Solution Architechture

Configure KEPServerEX –

The OPC UA Client driver pairs with the UA Server interface of a KEPServerEX implementation to transfer data securely and reliably. You can connect and configure PLCs and sensors with KEPServerEX OPC-UA server to get the data from different machines.

Update AWS IoT things' device shadow –

You should now have the AWS IoT Greengrass Core software running on a gateway, and have a Greengrass group with one core device configured. The core device should be able to communicate with AWS IoT Core.

Once the data from OPC-UA server starts coming to Greengrass core, the thing state will update automatically. If you want to see the data in cloud shadow interface, then you have to edit Greengrass Devices that you are referring to. Change the Shadow option for the device to “Sync to the Cloud”

Monitoring key measurements and metrics in near-real time–

SiteWise Monitor is a new feature of AWS IoT SiteWise that provides managed web applications that you can use to view, monitor, and share operational data from your processes and equipment at scale. Access to the web portal is controlled through your enterprise identity by using AWS Single Sign-On (SSO). SiteWise Monitor helps users interactively view live and historical process and equipment data.

Once you modeled your industrial assets and started the data ingestion into AWS IoT SiteWise from the OPC-UA server (KEPServerEX). You can now setup a web application, called a portal, with SiteWise Monitor to visualize the key measurements and metrics in near-real time.

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