Transformational Value: What Every Financial Services Firm Should Know About Low-Code

Fast, Effective Low-Code Solutions for Financial Services

Financial services leaders are under ever-increasing pressure to deliver software solutions that can be iterated on, connect with existing systems, comply with government regulations, and delight customers. But with resources at a premium, a sustainable pathway can seem hard to find.

Enter low-code. Low-code enterprise application development is cheaper, faster, and works with your existing systems. And, with Gartner predicting that 65% of the development will happen on low-code platforms, there’s no better time to see how it can work for your organization.

Mendix recently surveyed financial services decision-makers about low-code, how they’re using it in their orgs, and where they see concerns and opportunities.

What you get from this white paper

A common concern is that low-code won’t integrate well with legacy systems. However, 97% of survey respondents have their expectations met or exceeded by their low-code experiences. Firms using a low-code gain value in speed and cost resources, but they also realize the business value they hadn’t thought possible.

Read the survey report to learn more about:

  • How organizations are using low-code to spark digital transformation and organizational change.
  • Where low-code users are prioritizing and where they’re not.
  • Potential challenges low-code users see and how leading platforms turn those questions into differentiators.
  • Unexpected value areas that firms are finding with low-code, include enabling a culture of innovation and upskilling employees.

Download our newest white paper, Transformational Value: What Every Financial Services Firm Should Know About Low-Code, to find out more about how low-code is revolutionizing the digital future of financial services.

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