Unlimited Tomorrow Lowers Cost of Prostheses by 90% with Siemens and AWS

A Passion for Robotics Leads to Revolutionary Prostheses Production

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A single prosthetic limb for a child can cost tens of thousands of dollars, even though they will outgrow it in 12-14 months. But by revolutionizing the production process, Unlimited Tomorrow has dramatically reduced the cost of prostheses. Unlimited Tomorrow creates high-functioning, personalized limbs using software that transforms 3D scans into designs for 3D printing. And, with the help of Siemens applications powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), the company further streamlined its production process. This enabled greater access to prostheses for both children and adults around the world, including, most recently, victims of the war in Ukraine.

What you get from this case study

Key to success:

  • With the help of Siemens applications powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), Unlimited Tomorrow has streamlined its production process even further.
  • Unlimited Tomorrow has revolutionized the production process for prosthetic limbs, dramatically reducing their cost.

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