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Using NX CAD to Achieve Functional and Aesthetically Pleasing Design

Using NX CAD to Achieve Functional and Aesthetically Pleasing Design

Black Diamond Equipment is a world leader in manufacturing climbing, skiing and mountain gear. Top athletes and novices alike trust their lives to Black Diamond’s products.

To create their distinctive marriage of form and function, Black Diamond relies on NX CAD software. Their design team is a mix of industrial designers and mechanical engineers who work together to tweak and refine designs. This collaborative and iterative process results in designs that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Achieving functionality in this field requires lighter and stronger products—when carrying climbing gear, every ounce counts. Black Diamond shaves off a lot of metal, anywhere they can, just to remain lighter than the competition.

NX’s advanced modeling and design capabilities help Black Diamond engineer lightweight performance into their diverse products. They use it for high-end surfacing all the way down to production drawings. The flexibility of NX CAD allows them to tailor the approach to the product and the users who are creating it.

Black Diamond also achieves a competitive advantage through their integration of design, form and function. As their mechanical engineers analyze models for strength, weight and manufacturability, industrial engineers work alongside them to make the products aesthetically appealing, while still performing at a high level.

NX’s surfacing, form and sculpting are native in the package, so as Black Diamond creates their products to look good, they are also working to make sure the engineering is structurally sounds.

Looking for some NX tutorial videos? Our application engineers have you covered! Here are a few relevant topics:

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