Valor Parts Library Enhances DFM for Designing Better Quality PCBs


The electronic industry faces many challenges in the design-to-manufacturing flow. Products continually become smaller, meaning more components on a smaller PCB. Products are also designed, manufactured and delivered at an ever-faster pace. Room for errors in the design to-manufacturing flow becomes increasingly small.

The Valor® Parts Library (VPL) is a unique tool that can help to overcome these challenges. It provides accurate physical models of electronic components and connectors used in PCB manufacturing, test and assembly, delivered in a consistent, EDA-friendly interface. The accurate physical representation of the component’s package, along with other data stored in VPL, when coupled with design for manufacturing (DFM) checks, allows designers to detect errors during layout that will cause problems in manufacturing. This saves considerable time and cost by avoiding respins to address those problems.

What you get from this white paper


  • Explore the best practices for using VPL for DFM

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