On-Demand Webinar

Presenter: Pakshi Rajan

Valor – PCBA Manufacturing Solutions

Brief Summary of Webinar:

Valor PCBA Solutions provides End to End Manufacturing solutions for the EMS Industries. It includes,

  • Design, DFM Handoff – Can I Manufacture it?
  • Process Engineering – How to Manufacture it?
  • Production, Box Build – How can I do This Better?


Tool that will be covered:

Valor is an Engineering bridge, one tool for all manufacturing processes in EMS Factory.
This software utility can:

  • Running 950 Fabrication, Assembly, Test and Reliability checks
  • The tool covers all manufacturing engineering tasks – Stencil, SMT, Test, Inspection and Electronic Work Instructions
  • Identify the root cause of OEE, yield, utilization, quality and performance issues
  • Full material and process traceability
  • Collect and normalize quality, performance, utilization, yield data


Who Should Attend?
It is for Design Verification and Process Engineering engaged in EMS Industry and the following can attend:

  • PCB Designer
  • Production
  • Process
  • Engineering and Quality

Post the session, participants will be able to:

  • Know that your design can be manufactured
  • Know that the strategy and details will work
  • Ensure that the plan is up-to-date and synchronized
  • Ensure that the production system is up to date
  • Know that production is performing as planned
  • Improve effectiveness and maximize performance

Presenter - Pakshi Rajan

Pakshi Rajan has total 10 years of experience across Electronics Manufacturing Industry, SMT Machine Programming using Valor PP, Production, Process and Hardware testing. Over the years he has rich experiences in SMT Line Implementations and Programming for all kind of SMT Machine programming and Stencil Design using Machine software and Valor Process Preparation. He has expertise in many areas that an Electronics manufacturing organization gets involved in. Provide solution for the underived problem in the SMT Line.

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