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Presenter: Aaron Creech

VeSys – Electrical Wire & Harness Design Overview

Brief Summary of Webinar:

Electrical systems are rapidly growing, regardless of the industry or application. The increasing size of electrical networks can raise the cost of vehicle development two-fold due to the innate cost of the additional wiring and components and the time and resources required to design an ever more complex system. That complexity can spell even greater problems during revisions and re-designs.

In an attempt to address these issues, new E/E systems and wiring harness tools are built to facilitate collaboration to reduce design costs, design cycles, and risk. A design flow incorporating modern tools, such as VeSys from Siemens Digital Industries Software, supports collaboration and concurrent design between the electrical and mechanical domains.

This overview will highlight the following;

  • Completing a detailed wire diagram
  • Perform analysis to verify changes made while utilizing built-in collaboration tools
  • Synchronize the modified wiring diagram to our harness design
  • Use automation to select appropriate parts for our harness
  • Generate BOM reports and create a custom report


Presenter - Aaron Creech

Aaron has over 20 years of experience in the design engineering field, including work in the Mechanical, Environmental, Architectural & Automotive industries.

Aaron’s design experience has ranged from concept design, product development all the way through to production procurement (including MFG processing and refinement). Extensive experience using various 3D design packages

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