VeSys Wire Harness Design

VeSys is a suite of easy-to-use wiring and harness design software tools. This video covers some of the capabilities of the VeSys Harness tool.

VeSys Harness enables rapid harness design completion—including the addition of clips, tubes, seals, etc.)—and creation of 2D harness drawings. The capabilities of VeSys are intuitive, powerful and offer you a chance to be more productive. 

VeSys is Intuitive

Authoring harness designs is easy in VeSys. Many design tasks are automated. For example, connector tables are automatically populated as wires are added, terminals are selected automatically, and wire tables are generated automatically.  

These items all have context-sensitive menus, providing modification options that are dynamic and appropriate for each component.  

VeSys is Powerful

VeSys offers an automated parts selector that automatically configures and selects terminals, seals, and wires for each connector. This is a huge time-saver in design. 

VeSys Can Increase Productivity

Once you complete a harness, VeSys Harness’s reporting capabilities can be used to generate documentation required for manufacturing. This ensures fast and accurate information, plus a significant reduction in production lead times and the prevention of manufacturing errors. 

Additional VeSys Features

VeSys also offers… 

  • Rapid graphical layout and engineering of harness and formboard designs. 
  • Automatic part selection of terminals, seals and connectors parts. 
  • Automatic generation of harness manufacturing reports including BOMs and cutting lists. 
  • Non-scaled or full-size harness drawings using formboard layout capabilities. 
  • Automatic generation of connector, wire and splice tables. 
  • Built-in intelligent libraries for components and symbols. 
  • Terminal and connector add-on/knock-off values of wire length calculations. 
  • Integration with VeSys Design to import wires, connectors and splices, plus annotation of wire lengths. 
  • Imports and exports of industry-standard harness exchange formats, including .XML and DSI. 

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