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Video – What s New in NX 12

In our latest Lunchbyte video, PROLIM PLM Application Engineer, Brandon Carter, demonstrates and discusses the newest features, additions and capabilities in NX 12.

There’s a lot to recap in Brandon’s 50-minute video, so we’ll save in-depth and step-by-step breakdowns of techniques for future blog posts. For now, let’s take a look at what Brandon goes over in this video, and the time stamp where you can find it.

User Interface & Fundamentals

(Timestamp: 1:12)

Siemens has added a lot of new changes and elements into the user interface in NX. At the top of the list are changes to the windows in NX 12. You now have tabs for open windows, Multiple Display Parts to view parts in separate windows, the Isolate in New Window command, and more.

Brandon also demonstrates a cool new feature with the 3D Box Selection tool, which allows users to select parts of a 3D object by drawing a 3D box around it.



NX 11 introduced the new Horizontal/Vertical Alignment Sketch Constraints. NX 12 now has an Inferred Option for Sketch Constraints, specifically based around the new Alignments. This addition is a New Customer Default option that controls whether an alignment constraint can be inferred as you sketch the circle. 



Some of the changes you’ll see in modeling are improvements to the robustness of Blend and Draft, Section Surface enhancements and Flattening and Forming enhancements (which you will see in an upcoming Snackbyte).

Sheet Metal


If you’re working with sheet metal, you’ll see new creation options for flat patterns, enhancements when converting to sheet metal, and multi-profile and multi-bend tabs.

Brandon also demonstrates the very cool multi-edge flange tool, which allows you to create multiple flanges that maintain the same properties with just a couple clicks.



There are new Assembly Load Options in NX 12 and an Add Component single user interface. You’ll also notice a brand-new environment called Digital Mockup, where you can view different assembly ideas to prepare for design reviews.



Need to draft parts in NX 12? There’s some added feature: drawing to PMI and enhancements to Dimensioning, Hole Callout, Symbol, and NX Layout.

You can also now use the Partially Load-Lightweight Display option for assemblies while drafting. This will load the faceted geometry in the active reference set.



In the Model-Based Definition environment, NX 12 now has a PMI table and bolt circle centerlines. You can also suppress PMI objects, and place text associated with a part parallel to your screen for easy reference.



Brandon touches on two other new features of NX 12: enhancements to Convergent Modeling Technology and the Animation Designer. While neither of these are in-depth discussions, look for future Lunchbytes covering both of these topics!

Would you like to see a Lunchbyte or Snackbyte about a specific functionality in NX CAD, NX CAM, Solid Edge or Teamcenter? Send us a Tweet at @prolimglobal or comment below!

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