PROLIM’s Core Values

People First: People sell to people. People buy from people. People work for people. People manage people. And therefore, we want to help all the Customers, Employees, Suppliers, Community and Government people around us succeed. We aim to build relationships based on respect, commitment and trust, and to conduct transactions with honesty and grace.

Our important goal is creating a win-win situation for a strong Good Corporate Citizenship. We work towards bringing about long-term success for all our stakeholders without compromising on ethics or transparency.


We have been part of several global dream teams to design and engineer various product development programs such as the Indian defense surface to air missile programs the US, Japanese and European automotive and aerospace programs, and have seen the successes and failures of major corporations in implementing these CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM tools. All the lessons learned from these experiences have led to the formation of PROLIM. We want to put life into every product lifecycle, and our goal is to help various corporations succeed in their product lifecycle management strategies.