Vision - PROLIM

To achieve innovation, excellence, and ingenuity

PROLIM’s Core Values

People First: From buying to selling, and employing to managing, people are interconnected. We constantly aim to bring  success to  all our customers, employees, suppliers, community members, and the  government. In addition to establishing relationships based on dedication, respect, and trust, our company strives to conduct business with integrity and style.

Our crucial objective is to create an environment where everybody benefits for a Good Corporate Citizenship. We work towards ensuring long-term success for all our stakeholders without sacrificing ethics or transparency.


We have been part of numerous international dream teams that designed and engineered a variety of product development programs, including the Indian defense surface-to-air missile project, the US, Japanese, and European automotive, and aerospace programs. We have also seen the successes and failures of major corporations in implementing these CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM tools. The establishment of PROLIM is the result of all the lessons learnt from these experiences. Our mission is to support diverse organizations in their product lifecycle management strategies and to inject life into every product lifecycle.