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Webinar: Heavy Machinery Industry Trends

On-Demand Webinar

Learn more about emissions reduction in the heavy equipment industry and proven engineering tools necessary to help meet performance targets and innovation requirements.

Heavy machinery industry trends are challenging the industry; regulatory changes, particularly in the areas of sustainability, emissions and safety are driving for a revolution in the way companies do business. One of those heavy machinery industry trends, emissions reduction, is seen as the most important challenge in the next 5 years, and this drives the need for proven designs that meet performance targets, improve communication to help widely distributed teams collaborate, increase innovation to meet the upcoming challenges, and continuously validates to maintain the quality of the design.

In this webinar Bill Davis, Siemens Heavy Equipment Industry Director and Tom Spangler, Siemens Marketing Manager will discuss the currently increasing complexity that companies are experiencing when it comes to the way they are developing products to make them more sustainable and interactive in this new day and age and how Siemens may be able to provide a solution to developers most distressing challenges.

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