Webinar: NX CAM Robotics Programming

On-Demand Webinar:

Learn how to plan, validate and optimize machining processes driven by robots!

The use of robots is expanding rapidly in a variety of manufacturing industries. Two trends are driving this change: recent improvements in accuracy, repeatability and payload capacity make robots adequate for increasing the number of machining tasks, and it is harder to find qualified workers that are willing to perform repetitive actions in tough environmental and physical conditions for a long time.

NX CAM Robotics software lets you design, simulate, validate, optimize and offline program your industrial robots for machining-type tasks. This solution greatly increases the efficiency and quality of this high-precision, multi-axis robotic operations. Featuring the intuitive and widely accepted NX software 3D environment, the software combines the simplicity of CNC programming with the power to accurately create, control and simulate complex robotic machining processes.

Associative updates, a key benefit of the entire NX system, make it easy to accommodate change orders since the robotic programming can be refreshed when design changes occur.

Register for this webinar to understand how to optimize your machine processes with robots presented by NX CAM application engineer Jean Marcel.

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