What Custom Files to Backup Before You Uninstall Solid Edge

What Custom Files to Backup Before You Uninstall Solid Edge

All the files are in the directory: C:Program FilesSolid Edge ST3

1. Copy Template Folder from the above directory. This will get any custom templates we have added to the template folder. Also the Reports folder is in the Template folder. The Reports folder has the custom text files for Parts List, Callout, etc. A screen shot of what is in the Template folder is shown below.

2. Browse to the Program folder: C:Program FilesSolid Edge STProgram.

Copy the following files out to back up by default they are in this directory.

Vista/Win 7:
C:Users”username”AppDataRoamingUnigraphics SolutionsSolid EdgeVersion 103RadialCustomization.xml
Win XP:
C:Documents and Settings”username”Application DataUnigraphics SolutionsSolid EdgeVersion 103RadialCustomization.xml
1. RibbonCustomization.xml – Same location as Radial Customization

2. If these files are not pointing to the default (pointing to server, etc), you can check the location of these files on the File Locations tab in the options.

In Solid Edge ST and later, go to the Application button, and click on Solid Edge Options.
In Solid Edge V20, go to Tools-Options.
Click on File Locations.
You can see that all of my files are pointing to the Default C:Program FilesSolid Edge STProgram directory.

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