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What Is New in Nx: Tooling Design

Advanced tooling design from NX

We are delighted to share this blog article on tooling design as we continue to study the newest features included in the Siemens June 2022 NX™ software release. For managing end-to-end workflows, NX has always provided powerful automation, process simulation, and integrated technology. We have introduced time-saving measures to the most recent version of NX and developed some new features to guarantee that digital designs are validated for your team’s tool development.

Let’s get started!

tooling design
mold design workflow

Enhanced Design and Validation in Mold Design Workflows

The most effective transition from concept design to product manufacturing is crucial when it comes to tooling design. Early design validation by your team reduces time and cost, and design optimization for higher production rates while preserving yields boosts profitability. To accomplish these larger productivity advantages, NX’s June 2022 version features improved mould and die design.

In order to accommodate association and a range of non-circular circuit parts, we first implemented conformal cooling channel design features. Ovular, rectangular, and elliptical forms are among the new circuit sections that can have various conformal cooling design feature group characteristics modified. You now have additional choices and chances to immediately alter your mould designs for every project.

Nx Injection Mold Design Features

Mold Direction

We’ve also introduced some brand-new capabilities in mould design to go along with these developments in conformal cooling channels that are intended to improve workflow for your team. Mold Orientation is a system that uses algorithms to suggest the best mould direction for product bodies. As you can expect, cutting out this manual phase speeds up the design process even further. Additionally entirely adaptable, the Mold CSYS’s origin and orientation can be changed to suit your unique requirements. Along with these new benefits, Orient View also lets you adjust the orientation of the view and adds the ability to perform slope analysis, region analysis, and undercut areas for the product body.

mold direction

Mold Cost

Mold Cost is another brand-new feature we’re eager to show you in the NX release scheduled for June 2022. In the early stages of tool development, the Mold Cost feature enables you to rapidly generate a cost report. To make sure that product specs are within budgetary constraints, you can view the cost data information within Mold Wizard. Utilizing product data and feature recognition analysis that are kept within Feature2Cost, these cost estimations are made.

Mold Connect

The most recent version of Siemens NX includes these capabilities. To streamline your workflow and save you time and money throughout the production process, our new SaaS tool, Mold Connect, provides all these functions if the full version of NX isn’t necessary for your team just yet.

progressive die

Forming Integration in Progressive Die Design Workflows

It should go without saying that digitally evaluating your team’s designs before moving into the manufacturing stage improves time-to-market, increases quality, and lowers costs. How is that accomplished? Less time is lost striving to maximise productivity through numerous prototype iterations when designs have been fully optimised for production.

To do this, we’ve introduced additional functionality to the NX release scheduled for June 2022. You may now model the die process or strip layouts within NX thanks to the forming integration in progressive die design workflows. This makes it possible for your team to test the manufacturing procedures before moving on to the production phase. Before being given to the manufacturing team, adjustments might be made if necessary. This is yet another illustration of how NX fosters team cooperation and actually increases design efficiency; less time wasted results in higher profits over the course of the product lifetime.

New Benefits Found in Siemens Nx June 2022 Release

Along with our NX improvements in forming, there are some other advantages including the capability to import client-specific materials through the ‘.mat’ format file type, enabling further customisation throughout the optimization process. Additionally, in keeping with customisation, the blank generator now allows you to specify sheet bodies in addition to boundary curves, giving your team more automated design options. We have improved the overall user experience within these workflows with the additional enhancements to the June 2022 edition of NX. This comprises:

  • Enhancements to the geometry selection user interface
  • Capability to specify and modify the parameters of directly defined bead points on curves
  • NX’s mesh preview
  • The choice of the stamping direction’s coordinates


As you can probably already see, our June 2022 NX update keeps enhancing your teams’ productivity and efficiency while also improving the NX experience as a whole. Cross-collaboration is a major focus of this update as we work to optimise all stages of the product lifecycle, as some of our earlier postings have mentioned. We’ve only touched on a few of Tooling Design’s most important features, but be assured that we’ve made a tonne more improvements to make the ideas your team develops a reality.

We hope you enjoy the improved Siemens NX experience, and don’t forget to come back soon for more insightful advice on how #NXMakesItReal.

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