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What is PROLIM’s Culture? Why do we need one?

Corporate values are the core of its corporate culture. Embedding culture in our day to day operations, people practices and interactions among colleagues and customers is crucial. When you don’t know or you haven’t clearly defined your values, you’re likely to drift away from your corporate vision and mission.

Let us look at PROLIM’s vision and mission.

Our Vision is “to apply the thought leadership to help clients and stakeholders build innovative products by leveraging IT and PLM”.

Our Mission is to be the most sought after company to solve any unsolved PLM challenge and to be a top leader in PLM.

Given the above vision and mission, we pay utmost attention to foster a people centric culture that deliver core values to achieve these. This means that there’s a lot of attention given to the people around and empowering them. Our corporate culture releases people to the freedom and the opportunity to excel and grow; supports innovation and well-reasoned risk-taking.

Values offer a set of guidelines on the behaviours needed to achieve the vision of the company. Goals and objectives if not aligned to the values, will lose momentum. A strong corporate culture should be original and develops from grassroots efforts, with the support and encouragement of leadership. The PROLIM corporate culture is people centric and built on 4 foundations or we call “4 Legs of Stool”:

  • Knowledge – is defined as power. Acquired through experience or education, it reminds us to be knowledge seekers and learners at all times. Knowledge takes us further to strive for more and deeper understanding of the PLM domain, we are thus focused on providing our clients with in-depth solutions.
  • Confidence – is the key to sure-shot success in businesses. It is our confidence in the work we do and we know we do it best that keep us above the waters of competition.
  • Execution – Execution lies in details. PROLIM believes that all great companies have great business execution owing to strong core values. Execution is a core value which brings life to our strategy.
  • Trust – Trust is holding on to integrity, being reliable and fair at all times. We believe trust lays the foundation for building long term relationships with our clients and partners. Perhaps the greatest value of trust is not the accomplishments we make with it, but rather what trust accomplishes in us on our quest to become people who are worthy of receiving it and stakeholders can depend upon.


It is very simple … if you don’t have Knowledge, you don’t have Confidence to do any job. If don’t have confidence, you can’t Execute successfully. If you can’t Execute successfully, you will not earn Trust of customers or colleagues.

We have been part of several global dream teams to design and engineer various product development programs in implementing PLM software, and PLM solutions. All the knowledge acquired from these experiences has led to the formation of the core values at PROLIM. When your goals are aligned with your core values, you’re much more likely to succeed in achieving them!

Does your corporate culture characterize the beliefs, the behaviour of employees and management and practices of your company, and outside the so-called business transactions?

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