What Lies Beyond Manufacturing For The Auto Industry

The automotive and transportation industry is in a tremendous growth phase. Volumes and profitability are robust for most of the players in the industry. It is also facing Unprecedented complexity due to expansion and growth, introduction of new models, Regulatory pressure to improve fuel economy, compliance pressure to increase safety and increasingly intelligent, smart vehicles. Leaders in the automotive industry are going beyond current best practices in manufacturing and leveraging digitalization to realize innovation. They are not only adopting best manufacturing practices, they are taking them to the next level.

Automotive manufacturers are constantly under the pressures of meeting delivery schedules, issues of product complexity, managing change, sharing information externally, developing accurate costs, difficulty in finding the right data in addition to the challenges like global markets and competition and dearth of qualified engineers.

Given the need to manage complexity and simultaneously control cost, the answer lies in improving product design and development beyond the already high levels found in the automotive industry. Market leaders in the segment adopt different product design and development practices. One of these is the adoption of more collaborative design processes. Automotive manufacturers work more closely with the supply chain and production to innovate at a fundamental level and ensure rapid production upgrade.

Market leaders are backed up by the right technology. There are some important differences in the technologies that market leader’s use compared to other companies. Product Lifecycle Management or PLM solutions help today’s manufacturers in developing innovative and smart products. PLM is a solution that encompasses all phases starting with the concept, design phase to manufacturing. The most common technology used in automotive design is CAD. The shift to 3D is a prevalent change in the auto industry due to proven benefits. The benefits include getting products right up front, sharing information directly with all functions and more, shorter time in manufacturing etc.

Not surprising then PLM software is utilized by most of the market leaders. Leading manufacturers are able to get more out of their PLM systems by adopting a much more holistic, integrated approach. Market leaders in the automotive industry are actively addressing complexity through digitalization to collaborate more, design more concurrently, take simulation to the next level, and integrate manufacturing planning with design.

At PROLIM we have been helping US and Japanese automotive companies since 2001. Our innovative solutions span an entire product life-cycle to enable automotive manufacturers and their suppliers to effectively tackle these economic and competitive pressures. Our solutions and services enable automotive manufacturers to create innovative designs, reduce time to market and launch futuristic customer-oriented products in shorter time duration. So what do you think differentiates you from competition?

Share your best practices and insights below on how leveraging digitalization has helped you combat challenges.

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