What’s new in MindSphere and AI for Everyone – January 2022

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MindSphere releases deliver advanced industrial IoT capabilities that bring the physical and digital worlds closer together.

Happy new year from everyone here on the MindSphere team. 2022 brings major enhancements to MindSphere such as democratized AI and machine learning capabilities, remote service applications, Private Cloud Premium packaging and much more.

This update includes many of the newest and most exciting capabilities from the most recent MindSphere releases:

  • AI for Everyone: Empower your citizen data scientists with powerful machine learning and AI tools
  • Unleash your industrial IoT data with the Premium package of MindSphere Private Cloud
  • Remotely monitor and service your fleet of machines from one central location with the Asset Health and Service Hub solution
  • Customize how you view and navigate your assets in Operations Insight with new custom mapping functionalities
  • Enable asynchronous, bidirectional communication on MindSphere with native MQTT support
  • Connect to your devices faster with the expanded features and capabilities of MindConnect
MindSphere and AI for Everyone

AI for Everyone: Empower Your Citizen Data Scientists With Powerful Machine Learning and AI Tools

To begin the release highlights, MindSphere unveiled its first artificial intelligence application for industrial IoT called AI for Everyone. The aim of this application is to reduce the technological barrier to powerful machine learning and AI tools. Now, everyone has the ability to leverage time-series data from IoT assets and create forecasts. This will allow your entire organization to make informed decisions on future actions.

AI for Everyone seamlessly integrates with the Operations Insight UI and enables immediate model building and forecast creation. The simplified machine learning engine configuration allows you to perform and scale your forecast and anomaly detection capabilities without hassle. With this accessible tool, it’s easy for you to implement essential use cases like quality management, production optimization, energy management and predictive/prescriptive maintenance.

Utilize the Operations Insight UI for immediate model building

MindSphere Private Cloud Premium Package: Unleash Your Industrial IoT Data

Next up in our highlights is the Premium package from the most recent release of MindSphere Private Cloud. The Premium package maximizes the value of IoT data by enabling advanced features and use cases of MindSphere. For example, applications such as Semantic Data Interconnect (SDI), closed-loop digital twin applications, Operations Insight Analytics and Predictive Learning can be used. Each of these applications brings specific features and capabilities:

  • Maximize the value of enterprise data from disparate sources along with industrial IoT data through Semantic Data Interconnect. Use the SDI framework to correlate data from disparate systems and gain powerful insights.
  • Realize your performance and production of digital twins using the models from enterprise applications and MindSphere industrial IoT data
  • Drill down into your data with advanced KPIs to unlock new insights about product and production performance with Operations Insight Analytics
  • Build predictive models with machine learning techniques that enable companies to optimize product quality as well as reduce potential field failures and performance issues with Predictive Learning

Asset Health and Service Hub: Remotely Monitor and Service Your Fleet of Machines From One Central Location

As a part of this release, MindSphere took steps toward solving the challenge of siloed tools and systems. Disconnected tools can inhibit service engineers from anticipating issues and finding their root causes. To combat this, the Asset Health and Service Hub is designed as a single interface solution that remotely detects, analyzes and repairs anomalies in the field before they damage machines or disrupt operations. This solution improves collaboration and removes barriers to service management.

MindSphere remote data connection

Single interface to remotely detect, analyze and repair anomalies

MindSphere Manage tickets for open alarms

Manage tickets for open alarms and analyze service data systematically

Asset Health and Service Hub bundles condition analysis, remote service and ticketing to ensure high machine fleet availability. This helps you to make maintenance and service decisions and activities faster based on data-driven insights using remote services. A lightweight ticketing system provides transparent ticket lifecycle management tailored to the needs of remote service providers.

MindSphere Analyze data from assets

Custom Mapping: Customize How You View and Navigate Your Assets in Operations Insight With New Mapping Functionalities

The new custom mapping functionality in Operations Insight allows you to customize how you interact, view, and navigate your assets. With custom mapping, upload specific maps and images to represent your assets and navigate through their hierarchy within MindSphere. This functionality can improve operational efficiency, organization and how you understand your entire fleet of assets. This can be seen below:

In addition, the Operations Insight SDK now allows you to implement a plugin concept to configure Operations Insight to your needs. Enable your developers to build and display plugins for various features in an asset or tenant context, as seen in the video below:

Navigate your plant hierarchy and create custom mappings of your assets’ physical location

Create and display plugins to meet your specific needs

Enable Asynchronous, Bidirectional Communication on MindSphere With Native MQTT Support

Our last highlight of the most recent releases is the addition of native MQTT support. By supporting native MQTT, the industry-standard IoT messaging protocol, MindSphere reduces the time-to-value for IIoT solutions by accelerating asset connectivity. With zero-touch onboarding, reduce the operational burden of model creation with reusable and repeatable models. Create and publish models from the field and command agents with custom data. Securely exchange time series data between your devices and MindSphere with native MQTT support.

MindConnect: Connect to Your Devices Faster With Expanded Features and Capabilities

MindConnect connectivity options in 2021 were expanded and improved to facilitate a quicker start to your IIoT journey. More detailed documentation can be found in the hyperlinks below:

Extending connectivity to the edge is a major focus of our connectivity solution offerings. Our Edge Analytics application saw some powerful enhancements such as:

For complete details and availability on the new features of MindSphere and its supporting MindSphere releases, please refer to the MindSphere Releases Notes, MindSphere Region Table, and new features presentations offered for all.

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