What’s New in MindSphere – October 2021

Connecting The Things That Run The World

MindSphere releases deliver advanced industrial IoT capabilities that bring the physical and digital worlds closer together. The past few releases have brought exciting updates to MindSphere core applications that enhance out-of-the-box value along with some powerful enterprise capabilities.

This update includes many of the newest and most exciting capabilities from the most recent MindSphere releases:

  • Unleash advanced analytics with Operations Insight Analytics
  • Leverage your existing authorization management workflows in
  • MindSphere with Identity Provider Federation
  • Service and maintain assets remotely with MindSphere Remote Service
  • Develop apps even faster with new starter templates for IIoT for Makers
  • Try Operations Insight in MindSphere Start for free
  • Access MindSphere from MindSphere.io
MindSphere releases deliver advanced industrial IoT capabilities

Unleash Advanced Analytics with Operations Insight Analytics

First up to highlight is Operations Insight Analytics. By building around the core functionality of Operations Insight, Operations Insight Analytics enables you to build advanced KPIs and drill-down into your data to unlock new insights about your products and production performance. Easily upgrade your IIoT journey further to discover advanced insights about your operations and business with field and machine data. Operations Insight Analytics provides you with powerful core features and capabilities such as:

Build and re-use KPIs from IDL and time series data

Visualize KPIs and data using built-in widget library

Drill-down into KPIs and dashboards to discover root

Leverage your existing authorization management workflows with Identity Provider Federation

Next up is Identity Provider Federation. You can now bring your own identity provider and integrate it into your MindSphere environment using SAML or OpenID connect protocol. Identity Provider Federation reduces the burden on your IT administration through easy integration and user management by unifying your identity management IT system with your MindSphere environment. Features such as single sign-on and simplified interfaces make configuring users as easy as ever. Watch it in action below:

Easily integrate MindSphere into your existing enterprise software ecosystem.

Service and maintain assets remotely with MindSphere Remote Service

Additionally, MindSphere recently unveiled the MindSphere Remote Service (MRS) application. This versatile toolset allows service providers and OEMs to remotely service and maintains their customers’ assets. Asset operators can collaborate with different service providers to enable Remote Login, File Transfer, Remote Engineering and more. Through tunnel technology, MindSphere Remote Service offers an additional level of security for meeting regulatory or market constraints for remote connectivity and data transfer. Dynamic Transparent Tunnel connections can now route native Virtual Network Computing (VNC) and Secure Shell (SSH) connections, if configured accordingly.

Develop apps even faster with new starter templates for IIoT for Makers

You can now utilize new starter templates to aid Mendix Mobile Native app development for MindSphere. Starter templates come with MindSphere Web Components to make them easy to use. Interested in learning more about MindSphere Web Components? Check out our previous blog about the Web Component release to learn more.

Try Operations Insight in MindSphere Start for free

Ready to see the advanced analytic capabilities of Operations Insight in action? Operations Insight is now available in MindSphere Start for free. MindSphere Start for free is a free MindSphere environment where you can begin your IoT journey and expand to a full tenant without losing any of your progress.

Get the full Operations Insight experience through dashboarding, asset views, asset comparison, rules, (simple) KPI and (maintenance) work orders. There are no limitations in functionality and a sufficient quota is provided to enable the full suite of features in Operations Insight. Try MindSphere Start for free.

Access MindSphere from MindSphere.io

Finally, accessing MindSphere is easier than ever. Take advantage of the direct login feature to MindSphere from our developer documentation hub in MindSphere.io. Simplify building IoT solutions with all the tools and features that MindSphere offers.

Log in directly to MindSphere from our documentation hub MindSphere.io

MindSphere io features

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