What’s New in Mindsphere – Pricing and Packaging

Getting started and scaling with MindSphere has never been easier

As a backdrop of the most recent release, MindSphere took steps toward expanding how you can access the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) through updated packaging and pricing offerings. These simplified offerings allow you to tailor and scale your new MindSphere environment to the exact capability and resource sizes you need along with options for powerful add-ons.

Buying MindSphere is more simple than ever – here’s a quick breakdown (Figure 1): First select the package that matches the capabilities you need out-of-the-box. Then, for added flexibility, match the appropriate asset attribute size and cloud resource packages to meet your needs.

MindSphere – Pricing and packaging
Capability PackagesAsset AttributesCloud Resource Packs

Figure 1: First three required selections for building a customized MindSphere package

Once you make the required package selections, you can expand the resources and capabilities of MindSphere with optional add-on packs that both increase capacity and offer powerful analytics. Figure 2 provides an example of some of the optional types of items you can add à la carte.

Cloud resource pack upgradesAdd-onsAdditional services
Select size for capacity of advanced features such as Integrated Data Lake, Semantic Data Interconnect and more that only come with the Standard and Premium packagesAdd applications to expand capabilities to any package sizeSelect MindSphere services to any package size
SmallVisual ExplorerIoT Adoption Packages
MediumRemote Services
LargePredictive Learning

Figure 2: Some of the optional cloud resource packs, add-ons and services for customized MindSphere solution

Deep Dive Into Required Components

Now, let’s zoom in on the three main capability packages and corresponding resources packages:

Basic Capability Package

The Basic capability package gets you started exploring data and discovering insights fast. With a focus on connecting assets, visualizing and exploring time series data, the Basic package is an ideal starting place to begin basic root cause analysis, condition monitoring and other use cases. Enrich your solution further with both low-code and code-full application development for your own consumption. This package comes with a production and operator environment along with a development environment.

Standard Capability Package

At the next level, the Standard package opens the door to understanding where your return on investment lies and provides options to capitalize on those opportunities with new business models. Discover new insights by rolling out your use cases globally and contextualizing your time series data with enterprise data. As a result, you can improve product quality, production performance and maintenance. Craft modular solutions with MindSphere IIoT APIs and prebuilt components that you can implement quickly. The Standard capability package can power new business use cases and revenue streams. This package comes with a production and operator environment, a development environment and two test environments.

Premium Capability Package

The Premium package unleashes the full capability of MindSphere at scale. Transform your entire business, processes and products with deep, actionable insights into your enterprise. Discover the semantics of data on a large scale using the Semantic Data Interconnect (SDI) and Integrated Data Lake (IDL). On top of that, enhance the production lifecycle, product maintenance and engineering with fast set up of digital twins for connected products and shop floors. This is all built on top of a seamless integration of MindSphere into any enterprise ecosystem through our powerful Identity Provider Federation tool. This package comes with a production and operator environment, a development environment and two test environments.

Required Asset Attribute Sizes and Cloud Resource Packages

After selecting an appropriate capability package, selecting the number of resources you need will allow you to right-size MindSphere to your individual needs. This is done with two selections. Picking the correct number of asset attributes and at least one cloud resource pack. Asset attributes are the indicators that you would like to monitor for each asset. And for the last required selection, pick from five different sizes of the cloud resource packs: extra-small, small, medium, large and extra-large. These allow you to select appropriate data and resource capacity levels.

Enhance With Optional Extensions

The required packages are enough to get you started with the industrial IoT, but there are optional enhancements you can purchase, including more cloud resource packs, add-ons and services.

Additional Cloud Resource Packs

Building on top of the required cloud resource pack you selected, you can choose the next level of cloud resources that target the more advanced features of MindSphere. These optional packs are intended to expand the resource needs for Integrated Data Lake (IDL) and Semantic Data Interconnect (SDI) which only come with the Standard and Premium capability packages.


Tap into the full Siemens Xcelerator portfolio and partner eco-system with add-ons that allow you to add capabilities to your package in an on-demand fashion to address specific use cases. Utilize MindSphere-enabled gateways and applications such as MindConnect Edge Analytics, MindSphere Remote Service, MindConnect Integrations and Predictive Learning.


Siemens offers services that can help you no matter the digital maturity of your solution and organization. Start with IIoT Adoption Services all the way through more complex technical services to help accomplish use cases surrounding remote service, advanced analytics and more.

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