What’s New in MindSphere – Updates from March 2021

Connecting The Things That Run The World

MindSphere releases deliver advanced industrial IoT capabilities and MindSphere applications that bring the physical and digital worlds closer together.

This update includes many of the newest and most exciting capabilities from the most recent MindSphere releases:

  • Expanded notification support via SMS
  • Improved performance of Asset Management
  • Enhanced node capabilities for Visual Flow Creator application
  • Improved view of your MindSphere usage with Usage Transparency Service (UTS) enhancements
  • Increased power to process more data with MindConnect Edge Analytics

Use Analysis Packages

  • Expanded notification support via SMS: With this release, Notification Services provide separate SMS notification APIs to developers and operators. For example, makers will be able to utilize these APIs to communicate and share information among users via SMS channels.
  • Improved performance of Asset Management: Moreover, Asset Manager now limits asset deletion to only those without children. Consequently, this eliminates undesirable hierarchical structures created as a result of assets implicitly moved one level up. For instance, if the asset has children, it must first be moved into another position in the hierarchy before deletion. This ensures consistent behavior between API and UI.
  • Enhanced node capabilities of Visual Flow Creator: Next, expansions to currently existing nodes make Visual Flow Creator easier to use and more efficient. Moreover, you are now able to add attachments to emails. With the subject allowing rectangular brackets, attach files stored in an asset or custom payloads. Whereas, this was not possible. Thus, you can now trigger flows with only one inject node. This improvement eliminates redundant work required with multiple trigger nodes and improves the launch time for solutions.
  • Improved view of your MindSphere usage with UTS enhancements: An updated retention policy for usage data allows users to more flexibly view their data and understand the trends of their usage. This is provided via the “Overview” tab and “Reports” tab in the Usage Transparency app. Download usage data reports up to three months old as a CSV from the overview list. Similarly, usage data older than three months will be provided via downloadable CSV reports.
  • Increased power to process more data with MindConnect Edge Analytics: Improved load balancing and handling in the MindSphere application MindConnect Edge Analytics of to-be-processed calculations enable a higher amount of Analysis Packages.

Additionally, new Analyzing Functions and Custom Units for Custom Analysis Package creation expand what you can do with MindConnect Edge Analytics.

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