What’s New in NX 12.0.2 for CAM?

This post is a summary of resources describing NX CAM software updates available with NX 12.0.2 for manufacturing. It includes new functions delivered since the release of NX 12. Each item listed is linked to another article with more details. Just click on the red headline.

Path Smoothing with Area Milling and Guiding Curves Drive Methods

You can now use the Path Smooth feature when using the Area Milling and Guiding Curves Drive Methods. The Path Smoothing option replaces sharp corners in tool paths with radial moves.

Zlevel Helical Cut Pattern in Area Milling Drive Method

Zlevel Helical Steep Cut Pattern is now available when you create
operations using the Area Milling drive method.

Spiral Cut Pattern in Area Milling Drive Method

The Spiral Non-Steep Cut Pattern is now available when you create operations using the Area Milling drive method.

Continuous B-Axis Finishing Operations

You can now create finishing operations for Turning that use a continuous B-Axis rotational method.

Fixed- and Multi-Axis Guiding Curves Operations

Fixed- and Variable- (or Multi-) Axis Guiding Curves are general purpose finishing operations that work on many types of surfaces including those not forming a grid. These operations create the pattern directly on the cut area without projecting.

Finishing with Barrel Tools

You can now use Tangent Barrel tools for blade finishing operations.

Multiple Stripe Cut Levels

Multi-Stripe Range Type allows you to define a Top, Intermediate, and Bottom Stripe Type, each specifying the percentage of the blade to be machined. You can use Custom Offsets to create “flares” to assure a smooth transition between overlapping stripes.

No Curling When Roughing

When Blade Roughing, the No Curling option now adds a tangential move prior to reaching the leading and trailing edges.

Adaptive Milling Minimum Curvature Radius and Cut Depth

The new Minimum Curvature Radius option for Adaptive Milling gives you better cutting control in corners by preventing small cuts that can cause excessive tool wear.

Wire EDM 4-Axis Synchronized Output

The new Synchronized option for Motion Output Type improves Wire EDM cut quality by outputting smoother, more continuous 4-Axis tool paths.

Multi Tool in Turning

Turning operations now support tools with multiple cutters.

Material Remover Color Enhancements

When simulating, you can now display material removal colors based on tool type usage.

Determine Tool Side Automatically in WEDM

Wire EDM 4-Axis Open Profile operations now determine the correct Tool Side automatically when selecting Side Faces to define the boundary.