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What’s New in Simcenter MAGNET 2021.1?

Simcenter MAGNET 2021.1

With Simcenter MAGNET 2021.1, we deliver new capabilities and performance enhancements to help you model the complexity of your electromechanical devices and explore the possibilities with advanced optimization. Here are some highlights of what the new release offers.

More Magnetostriction Capabilities For Tougher Problems

Many transformer cores use grain-oriented electrical steel. Likewise, it can also be used in other stationary equipment in which the magnetization direction is unidirectional. Obtaining a thorough set of measured material property data can be challenging. That is because the measurements are complex and require sophisticated equipment. The material characterization is a crucial component for accurate simulation of magnetostrictive forces in such types of steels.

Therefore, to address this issue, Simcenter MAGNET 2021.1 converts more easily and accurately available uniaxial measured data into anisotropic property data for grain oriented electrical steels. This results in more accurate predictions of the magnetostrictive forces.

Model of a power transformer

Model of a power transformer

Power transformer core magnetostrictive forces simulated in Simcenter MAGNET 2021.1

Power transformer core magnetostrictive forces simulated in Simcenter MAGNET 2021.1

The forces can be exported for further NVH analysis in Simcenter 3D or other structural analysis software.

Coil Whine? Check Your Lorentz forces

New in Simcenter MAGNET 2021.1 is a Lorentz forces export for structural analysis. In transformers, these forces are acting on the windings. The forces produce an electromagnetically excited acoustic noise more commonly referred to as coil whine.

Shown below is a 3-phase transformer with 3 sets of windings wound around 3 limbs. Due to the stray field from the transformer core, the windings experience a force which is proportional to the magnitude of the magnetic field and the currents flowing in the windings. This force can cause vibration. Under severe conditions such as short circuit currents, it can lead to a total failure and pose a safety hazard. Therefore, a structural analysis which includes Lorentz forces is necessary to avoid such issues.

Simcenter MAGNET can help predict coil whine.

Direct Interface with HEEDS: Design Space Exploration for Electromagnetics

Simcenter MAGNET is available as a direct portal in the HEEDS Workflow Manager without the need for custom scripting.  As a result, Simcenter MAGNET’s electromagnetic simulations data is automatically shared between different modeling and simulation products.

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