What’s new in Teamcenter Quality 6.3?

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Accelerating consumer-driven innovation while applying quality management best practices

Teamcenter Quality software enables a closed-loop quality approach, seamlessly integrating design to manufacturing. Powered by Teamcenter PLM backbone, it optimizes core quality management with shared workflows and data utilization.

Teamcenter Quality operates within the Active Workspace client (AWC) for Teamcenter. AWC is a cutting-edge web-based platform, streamlining PLM for all users involved in the product lifecycle. With an intuitive experience on any device, it accelerates user adoption and reduces time-to-value significantly.

Teamcenter Quality, which is part of the Siemens Xcelerator business platform of software, hardware and services, helps you support all of the quality-relevant processes required in the overall product lifecycle.

Discover the latest version

Discover the latest enhancements in AWC 6.3, empowering better capabilities and usability. Benefit from an extended range of supported quality core processes, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to optimize your quality management system. Explore all the enhancements and features in the software release notes for more details.

Key new features

Use enhanced quality checklists with empowered calculation methods, evaluation and threshold rules.

Manage efficiently the quality checklists for better assessment is crucial. We already introduced the quality checklists in the previous releases. However, these have been significantly expanded in version 6.3.

Improve usability for searching and standardized quality checklist for quality project management.

Teamcenter Quality 6.3 now allows you to streamline more of these tasks with improved capabilities to track quality projects such as advanced product quality planning (APQP) or supplier PPAP projects.

Example of checklist rules definition

Leverage the new FMEA risk matrix and improvements for usability and industry guideline support.

Failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA) is a methodology that allows companies to assess risks associated with possible product failure. The Teamcenter Quality FMEA module helps you avoid defects by allowing you to evaluate the effects caused by potential problems early in the planning phase. The FMEA module supports several standards and guidelines. The latest version contains new elements and enhancement, mainly boosting the usability and industry guideline support. Among the many improvements, a new important element is the FMEA risk matrix, which should be used as an evaluation tool for the priorities for the design or process FMEA.

Access the improved usability and ballooning functionality based on 2D/3D PMIs.

You can use Teamcenter Quality Control and Inspection Planning to improve product quality, customer relations and satisfaction while decreasing development time. The integrated solution offers process and design-oriented inspection planning combined with control plan management to prevent rework and reduce costs.

Leverage enhancements in root cause analysis for Ishikawa diagrams and the 5 Whys method.

The Teamcenter Quality Problem Solving module comes with additional updates in version 6.3 to include valuable enrichments such as the expansions in Ishikawa diagrams and 5 Why methodology.

Create enhanced defects based on visual markups and use the RCA browser.

Another enhancement is the root cause analysis browser that can simplify the overall problem-solving process. Now, users can take the root cause analysis browser everywhere in Teamcenter.

Benefits of our quality management solution

  • Efficiently manage the quality checklists for better assessment
  • Simplify tasks on quality project management best practices to manage quality gates/quality project milestones
  • Deliver enhanced FMEA tool
  • Optimize planning quality inspection leveraging drawings and models
  • Provide greater defect descriptions to facilitate problem solving
  • Close the loop in your root cause analysis with a deeper evaluation

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