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What’s the Role of Teamcenter in the PLM Drive

What’s the Role of Teamcenter in the PLM Drive

Teamcenter is a suite of product lifecycle management (PLM) software, originally created by EDS PLM Solutions before it became Siemens PLM Software. Teamcenter acts as a virtual gateway to your company’s product information connecting all who need to collaborate with product and process knowledge. In today’s world of digitization, Teamcenter enables the effective management of your product and manufacturing data in the perspective of product lifecycle. Teamcenter supports all phases of the product life cycle, including planning, development, execution, and support.

The Teamcenter solution portfolio can be configured to successfully achieve your PLM vision by assimilating idea management and requirements planning into the digital life cycle management. Besides connecting partners and suppliers with secure global access to your product Information, it also enables consistent, repeatable processes.

  • Managing design data

Typically Teamcenter provides two alternative ways for managing design data and product structures namely product structure and configuration management and 4th Generation Design (4GD). While the latter approach is particularly suitable for development teams working on large products that include millions of smaller parts, the 4GD approach allows users to check out and modify the individual parts, without locking the entire product or major assemblies.

  • Manufacturing process management

PROLIM offers easy collaboration between designs and manufacturing teams is realized using the Manufacturing Process Planner. Digitally manage, relate, and consolidate product and process structures to compare the designed, manufactured, or any other specific configuration. Accountability checks allow you to ensure that all mechanisms in the product assembly are accounted for. In the manufacture of piece parts, Part Planner helps manage the step-by-step operations and associated documentation of your CAM software. Resource Manager is used to create and manage tools, machine tools, fixtures, robots and other resources created at your manufacturing facility.

  •  Workflow and change management

PROLIM Teamcenter provides functionality that enables you to initiate, administer, review, approve, and execute product changes. By automating change processes, you can minimize change-related rework and coordinate tasks to be performed by individuals across your organization. Also Teamcenter change management leverages product assembly definitions and ensures that you can evaluate the impact of changes, track the status and completion of tasks, and maintain a comprehensive history of product changes throughout the lifecycle.  Tightly integrated with Schedule Manager and Workflow, Change management in Teamcenter enables you to schedule implementation activities and guide a change through its phases.

PROLIM is a solution and resource provider of Teamcenter that empowers to provide customized solutions of the highest quality & satisfaction solutions that will always help you gain a lasting competitive edge. Our expertise extends to providing Teamcenter Architecture, Development, Customization, Testing, TCRA integration and maintenance, Packaging and Deployment Solutions. We have also delivered significant cost savings and reduced time -to-market to our customers.

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