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Where are you in this Digital Twin and Digital Thread Journey

In today’s highly competitive world, there is a race to be on top of the digital bandwagon to be successful. After Big Data Analytics, the concepts of “Digital Twin” and “Digital Thread” are the new game-changers. These technologies are gaining momentum and are converging to meet the Industry 4.0 wave. Digitization is changing the way Automotive, Aerospace, CPG, Industrial Machinery, Medical Devices and the rest of the business world operates.

Let’s try and understand what these two terms mean and where your company is on this digital journey.

Digital Thread is the digitization of product information processes – from conceptualizing the design, through prototyping, manufacturing up to the launch. The data or information that existed in ‘silos’ for various processes, is today being connected to form a ‘digital thread’, thus, saving time, reducing errors, bringing consistency to the operations, and improving the reliability and quality of the final product.

The Digital Twin is a virtual representation or twin of each machine or asset that includes design specifications and model numbers unique to that product. This gives continuous insight into the working of the machine, thereby optimizing the efficiency of machines and reducing unplanned downtime.

Integrated foundation for digitalization benefits

  • Digitalization boosts efficiency in all phases of the machine lifecycle
  • It is possible to validate designs earlier and test the configuration of the machine control system
  • Routines and checks take place earlier in the engineering process
  • Reduces the risk of failures and errors in critical phases of the lifecycle
  • Eliminate great effort and time pressure
  • Early Introduction of a new product

The operating data of the machine can also be used to optimize characteristic parameters for production from energy consumption to error rates and cleaning product life cycles.

The Potential Advantage of being on this Digital Journey with PROLIM 

  • Gain real-time, digital connectivity and feedback throughout the product lifecycle
  • Improve consistency, traceability and reusability of the digital product data through the lifecycle
  • Early identification of performance issues
  • Quantify risk at critical decision points
  • Gain better control over all the phases of development 

PROLIM at the Helm of Digitization 

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Solutions from PROLIM is helping many manufacturers to create and manage Digital transformation throughout a product’s lifecycle and is still evolving. Our most innovative customers are already transforming their digital enterprises and moving beyond air and space travel to the manufacture of consumer goods. In addition, we at PROLIM helps to make the operational and manufacturing processes more agile and scalable.

PROLIM helps unlock the real value of this innovation helping you transform your operations into digital enterprises and lead the way – with smarter products and smarter machines making them.

What do you think about the role of growing digitization in business? Do you place the right amount of focus on the importance of Digital Thread and Digital Twin, when it comes to your own activities? I’d love to know your thought/s on this.

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