NX for Automotive Industry: Efficient Design & Validation with Increased Time to Market


Consumers in the automotive industry are more selective, knowledgeable and savvy than they’ve ever been. According to one study, car buyers spend nearly 15 hours—from search to signature—before making their purchase. With surging vehicle prices, an increased focus on performance, and remaining competitive, design has become crical for success. However, the importance of design also presents a caveat: Design is ever-changing.

What you get from this white paper

Learn how automotive manufacturers face a variety of challenges to remain on top in a competitive marketplace. Consumers require top-of-the-line quality to match the value of their dollar. This leaves manufacturers with several different challenges, including the need to improve design time and time to product realization, offer improved design options, and streamline the engineering change process.

  • Reduced emissions, improved fuel economy, weight reduction, and alternative technologies all demand faster and more efficient innovation for automotive products.
  • NX offers powerful concept designing, allowing automotive OEMs to quickly capture and refine designs—and get them into producon faster.
  • Nx’s connection to Teamcenter can help designers communicate and collaborate with other departments, customers, and partners—even if those departments aren’t using a CAD system.

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