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  7. Why Multidisciplinary Design is a must to Address Growing Product Complexity

Why Multidisciplinary Design is a must to Address Growing Product Complexity


Products such as cars, planes, complex medical equipment and large industrial machines have, in truth, become ultra-sophisticated cyber-physical systems. They often have software content of millions, if not hundreds of million lines of code, across dozens, if not hundreds of interconnected circuits; in addition to a plethora of attached sensors, actuators and communications interfaces.

It’s not cost-effective and companies simply can’t source enough skilled personnel to satisfy the new skills required for today’s complex products and systems.

With skills in high demand, time being short, and costs under increasing pressure, using design tools to augment and automate multidomain design workflows makes both business and technological sense.

What you get from this white paper

  • New ways of working to fulfill customer expectations and opportunities.
  • Systems Engineering and more specifically Systems Driven Product Development.
  • Create workflows that exploit the unique value of digital models.
    Lowering the barriers between disciplines and integrating design environments.
  • Re-use of platforms, digital models, and other product-related information

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