Windows Search Query Syntax – Solid Edge

Windows Search Query Syntax – Solid Edge

In addition to the standard Microsoft Advanced Query Syntax for searches inside of a windows file explorer folder, the installation of Solid Edge generates custom search properties for quicker and easier searches/filtering of your data. These custom search properties behave in the same manner as the built-in Windows search properties. Simply type in the search bar of the folder “propertyname:” and then the value on which you wish to search. The custom Solid Edge properties are listed below.

  • Document Number – SEDocNum:
  • Revision Number – SERev:
  • Project Name – SEProject:
  • Saving Application – SESavingApp:
  • Solid Edge Status – SEStatus:
  • Solid Edge Status User – SEStatusUser:
  • Solid Edge Status User Display – SEStatusUserDisplay:
  • Solid Edge Status Date – SEStatusDate:
  • Material Name – SEMaterial:
  • Hardware Part – SEHardware:
  • Solid Edge Links – SELinks:
  • Solid Edge Version – SESavedVer:
    Also, it is possible for users to further create their own custom Solid Edge search properties through the propseed.txt file located in the preferences folder under the Solid Edge Program Files (examples are contained within the file).

*Standard Windows Search Query Syntax would be search properties such as author:, size:, kind:, type:, ext:, date:, etc.

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