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Women Empowerment

Our Vision

Research consistently highlights business benefits from having women employees as part of the workforce. But according to a 2014 report from law firm Fenwick & West, women account for 30% of IT software jobs across large tech companies. And only 5% of tech startups are owned by women. Moreover, over 50 percent of women in tech leave because of personal reasons and hostile work environments.

PROLIM Offering Equal Employment Opportunity

PROLIM offers a level the playing field for women, filling the pipeline with talented women, from different nationalities and religious beliefs. We address specific needs of women towards the development, growth, and retention of women. Offering a friendly environment, we enable them to fulfill their professional ambitions while supporting and managing their families.

PROLIM is focused on identifying and grooming the next generation of women leaders who have the potential to rise up and fill up the top roles in the organization. By promoting an inclusive workplace, we help groom women to gain knowledge to handle various situations and also to augment their decision-making skills.

We achieve this by:

  • Offering better career opportunities
  • A work culture that is supportive
  • Offering diverse roles
  • Providing the right work-life balance

PROLIM – Providing Innovative and Flexible Policies

By promoting a harmonious work environment, where every woman feels valued, and a part of the company, PROLIM is about charting out a strategy to retain women as they move up in their career life cycle. Want to know more, contact us.