Women Empowerment

Honor and Respect in True Sense.

Women Empowerment

Our Vision

The inclusion of women in the workforce is regularly shown to have favorable impacts on businesses. However, a 2014 research from the law firm Fenwick & West found that women hold 30% of the employment in large tech corporations, and IT or software departments. Also, only about 5% of women own startup tech firms. Hostile workplace conditions and personal issues account for more than 50% of the exits of women from the tech industry.

PROLIM Offering Equal Employment Opportunity

PROLIM ensures equal opportunities for women by populating the network with talented women of various nationalities and religious affiliations. We focus on the special prerequisites of women to facilitate their growth, development, and retention. We provide a congenial environment that enables women to pursue their professional goals while providing for and managing their families.

Across all our office locations, 30% of our employees are women, and counting.

PROLIM is concentrated on identifying and developing the future generation of female leaders who could advance and take on the most important positions within the company. We assist women in preparing to face a diverse range of circumstances, and to enhance their decision- making skills by fostering a highly inclusive workplace.

We achieve this by:

  • Offering better career opportunities
  • A work culture that is supportive
  • Offering diverse roles
  • Providing the right work-life balance

PROLIM – Providing Innovative and Flexible Policies

PROLIM strives to devise a strategy to retain women as they advance in their career life cycle by fostering a happy workplace where every woman feels respected and a part of the business. Contact us to learn more on this.